Sharpshooter 1.0

Rename and organize your screenshots


  • Enables you to organize screenshots more clearly


  • Doesn't offer much setup help on installation


We take a lot of screenshots at Softonic everyday and we can quickly become swamped by generically-named screen grabs all over our desktops.

Fortunately, tools like Sharpshooter help bring some order to proceedings by giving you more control over how you label and store saved screenshots. In a nutshell, it lets you choose what to do with your shots when you take them. Note that it's not actually a screenshot utility in itself - it only helps you organize screenshots taken in a third-party app.

Sharpshooter consists of a renaming window where you can give your screenshots more descriptive names. This appears automatically as soon as you take a screenshot, if you configure it to do so. In addition, you can move the screenshots to another location, change the format, print them, or simply discard them. There are no preferences as such, except the ability to composite screens into a single image, or modify screen images as a group or individually.

Setting-up and getting Sharpshooter to work from the start isn't as easy as it should be. For such a simple app, there are too many instructions when you open it about how it works and how you can configure it to work with your default screen capture tool.

Overall, Sharpshooter is a useful tool for those that take lots of screenshots although those that take just a few, won't find much call for it.



Sharpshooter 1.0

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